Those who visit the shrine of the Portiuncola find the Book and Souvenir Shop almost at the end of their visit.

It began back in the 1960s for two reasons. The first: to satisfy the requests of pilgrims who wanted to bring a souvenir home or a gift for relatives or friends as a souvenir of their visit to the places of St. Clare and St. Francis. The second: to provide economic support to the activities of the Friars Minor of Umbria, in particular to the Franciscan missions, the formation of young friars and the care of the elderly friars resident in the Provincial infirmary.

Against this background the Olde Pharmacy of the Portiuncola, was born.

It is likely that its origins go back to even remoter times, but the chronicles of the Portiuncola Friary of the 1700s witness to an infirmary for the care of sick brothers with its patrimony of jars and containers for medicinal herbs, which have in large measure come down to our days.

Taking up this old tradition, we wished to offer to pilgrims a series of natural products, carefully selected, which could contribute both to the care of the body and the spirit. Thus there are cosmetic products, infusions, herbal products which are good for the body, whilst the honeys and the chocolate raise the spirits.

Now a further step has been made, making the quality products of the Olde Pharmacy available on line.

For those who prefer to visit us in person, they can come all year around, apart from Christmas Day, from 9.10 am to 12.45 pm, and from 2.40 pm to 6.45 pm.